Moving from Goodnotes 5 to Goodnotes 6

Goodnites 6 is here!!

How to Get?

* Existing Goodnotes 5 user :  Go to Apple Store and Upgrade.
* New Goodnotes user :  Go to Apple Store and Search for “Goodnotes”. Install.
* Goodnotes is also available for :  Android, Windows and MAC

What to expect?

* Goodnotes 5 user :  You get a choice to upgrade to Goodnotes 6. However it is not free. You get a 7 day free trial post which there is an annual or a one time fee. 

* Over all interface :  The interface is really nice. Very chic and fun!

* FOLDERS!!!!! : my absolute favourite update has been to the folder. you can finally customize the color of the folder and add icons too! 

* Magnifying Tool has moved :  So your tool bar starts with pen which is amazing, atleast for me. I have hit the magnifying tool in error far too many times. 

* Tool Bar : Not much has changed. The undo-redo buttons are on the left. Convenient and useful,.

* Spell check :  Even for written words!!! awesomeness!!

* Customise Paper Templates :  Easier to customise paper and name it! Any color!!!

* Scribbles to Erase :  How useful and convenient!!!

* Equations with AI : Lovely for those studying math/chem in school

* Option to downgrade : If you are a GN5 user (paid), you can switch back anytime 

* The KeyBoard Tool :  The whole point of GN5 is using your pen to “write”. Plus the typed notes dont sit pretty like you would want them too. So iam not sure how useful this is. 

What would have been nicer…

* GN6 FOR GN5 USERS : You get a choice to upgrade to Goodnotes 6. However it is not free. You get a 7 day free trial post which there is an annual or a one time fee. This was quite disappointing. i was hoping that the OG GN5 users would get a free upgrade or atleast 50% off on the next version.

* FOLDERS :  The option to add your icon or emoji  instead of just select from the list provided. Also colors! gives us the entire color wheel just like the pen tool. One of the major reason people prefer Goodnotes over notability is aesthetics. The right shade makes all the difference.

* TOOL BAR : Not much has changed. The option to have 3 preset pen and highlighter options ie thickness & color presets would have been fantastic! this to me would truly be the most useful update. when taking notes, iam tapping once for pen thickness and once for color to write titles and notes. a one click preset would have been perfect!

* AUDIO RECORDER : Nothing has changed. Its the same. You cant pin an audio to a page nor can you rename it. Wish this was rectified in GN6. Would have made a world of different in note taking.

* HYPERLINKS : Anyone who makes their custom planners on Keynotes knows the importance of hyperlinks. Being able to add links to another page in the same book or being able to link two different sections of the same book would be game changing!