morning coffee

morning coffee…
for all those who follow me on Instagram. they know the morning story with a cup of coffee, against the background of the only tree on my street..
makkal don’t pay attention to when i post this. typically past 9. sometimes later.
makkal think – “whatte wow! she has a whole calming
morning routine
i kinda do. all of my morning routine is true right until the coffee is finished. but what i leave unsaid is that unless it’s Z, my doggo; i don’t do morning interaction until my coffee is done.

no, iam not one of those quintessential dont-talk-until-coffee person. okay. maybe iam. but not exactly. iam a zombie for the first 30 mins of waking up, immaterial of whether or not i have coffee.

iam not a morning person. how i survived school, college(s), work (to which I actually turned up early to get work done – though that was a ruse to have coffee at work before it is filled with makkal); I don’t know.

iam not a morning person. it takes me a while to wake up. more to be human. a bit more to be a functional human.  doesn’t help one bit that your partner wakes up with the sun no matter when he sleeps. argh!

i do the early morning wake-up thing when needed. festivities, need to finish this report or iam sacked-days, road trip (those were the days)

but otherwise i resign myself to a comfortable 7:30 or even 8:00 if possible.

oh also, people who assume iam “intermittent-fasting”, no. i skip breakfast because if I eat before 12:00 I will go right back to sleep. the max i can tolerate are two butter biscuits with the coffee (again, those were the days)
anything more and it’s right back to bed for me.
coming to think of it, that’s probably how I survived all these years of waking up early.
no, please don’t tell me if you are a morning person or not. iam writing this at 8AM. at this hour, i don’t care.

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