i have this thing for dogs. i get it from amma-thatha (maternal grandfather). this innate need to smile and say hi if not pet every dog i meet. i also have this need to name every dog i meet on a daily basis. the ones on my street, the one near my gym.

komban came to my street as part of the corporation’s sterlisation drive. they neuter dogs on the street and sometimes also drop off the poor animals at locations far from the place they were picked up from.
i’d estimate him at around a year old. he was this tiny, bony thing that sulked in a corner. moradan, charlie and blackie weren’t exactly foes but they weren’t friends either.

they dint share food nor the neat holes they dug up. i named him komban because he looked a little like the kombai breed of dogs.

i took to feeding him some parle g biscuits because he was was too skiny and weak. he took me like all good natured dogs of the native breed do.

he began recognising my voice when i started out somewhere and always stopped me for some cuddles and rubs.

he brought others to me. others i had named and occasionally fed but never interacted with.

moradan, the street bully is now jelly goo when it comes to scratches behind the ears.

blackie, only interested in food and giving us a healthy litter every 6 months is now curious enough to sniff me.

charlie, the poor boy who came back with a facial tick after the neutering process is still the shy kid he always was but he now wags his tail and smiles from 5 feet away.

not to be left out, i have to mention that my boxer Z is insanely jealous!!! he sniffs me head to toe every time i walk him and gives me the stinky eye cuz i have cheated on him with komban and the boys.

i wish my Z was not as much the spolit kid as he is, i would have readily adopted komban. but for now, my heart swells with unparalleled love and joy with every cuddle from komban and all the waggy tailed friends he brings to me.

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