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The Coffee

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The Estate : Thogarihunkal Estate

Hunkal Heights /Thogarihunkal Estates are in the slopes of outer Giris in the Western Ghat Region of Karnataka at a place called Chikmagalur. AT about 3500-4000 feet above sea level, Hunkal Heights was started by TB Malle Gowda which was further brewed up by his son T B Nagesh. 150 years later, Thogarihunkal Estate Group stands tall with its brilliant coffee and ecosystem of fantastic fauna, flora and wildlife. Trees like Ficus Glomerata, Artocarpus integra, Ficus Mysorensis and Red Cedar offer secondary shade. They shed their leaves in the monsoons and become a rich canopy during the summer. These trees offer generous amounts of biomass and keep the soil temperature low. The tertiary shade is of the hardwood species. Chosen as they attract rain-bearing clouds. This three-tier shade system, is a natural filtration of unwanted material and a regulation of healthy rain. The entire estate is fed by natural stream water from surrounding hills that have the highest average of rainfall over the last hundred years. Amazing huh?!

The Roaster : Rossette Coffee

Specialty coffee roasters from Delhi. Started by Vansh Anand and friends. They have a full selection of freshly roasted coffee, they also consult and train

What i want to Remember

This was a sampler that i received with an order i placed with Rossette Coffee and boy am i glad, i got to taste this Robusta. I had this phase in my life when i did “butter coffee” cringe i know but i have learnt my lesson and dint even lean towards dalgona this time around. well the point is, this coffee tasted a teensy bit like that. i loved it.

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