how do you fight your fight?

Krishna Preaching Gita to Arjuna in the Battlefield of Kurukshetra (Reprint on Paper - Unframed)

how do you fight?
how do you fight your fight?

do you stay firm and fair?
go by the norms of the masses
or the ones made up by you?
is your fair truly fair?

do you wield one up?
fight sure and in kind,
is your rationale the norms?
or just that your enemy wielded first?

do you fight dirty?
get down in the trenches
do whatever it takes
to see your enemy’s defeat

does his defeat mean you won?
or did you just lose less?
is everything truly fair in war?
does war make everything fair?
does an eye for an eye mean you won?
or just you both lost an eye?

the war of today is measured in loss
the war of today means losing less

the war of today is far from the crux
the war of today makes everyone blind.

in whose ever name you fight
whatever the cause may be,
your god or the world’s karma 
truly has no time or intent to keep count.

we harvest what we sow
so swim back before it’s too late
no comes to rescue in the middle of the sea
your own arms will fail you upon sunset.

dont be blinded by war
or by the losses on his side
dont justify your weapon with his
or your actions with his fears.

i dont ask you to fight fair
i ask you to not fight at all
karma is too busy to serve you later
she give back now and here

if you really have to fight
think, how do you fight your fight?
are you saving yourself?
are you out for the loss?
how do you fight your fight?
that’s how your own men will learn to fight
and learn to fight you, they may.

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