happy new year 2022

iam not about the hallmark dates esp for myself. i don’t like celebrating my birthday but loving going all out for everyone else in my life. yes, psychs have a field day with me.

i am not one to set goals or resolutions for the year. atleast this year it’s tucked away into a covid coloured weekend so I don’t have to meet many people face to face.

mondays are important to me. mondays are for productive mornings and setting the tone for the rest of week.
this year has been weird to say the very least. first few months were absolute shit. then I just learn to deal with the shit better.
one foot in front of another.

life is manageable when you have some laughs, food and work to dive into.

grateful it’s not worse.

thankful for every happy, safe and non-shitty moment, always.

do whatever you wish to within the maximum scope of whatever you have right now. don’t put anything off for “later”. later doesn’t come.eat that cake. have sex. get high on work. read for fun. create what you love. consume what’s right. 

yaarum silai vekka porathu illa. vechalum paaka nee iruka maata.

translation : when you die, no one is going to put up a statue cuz you were goody-two-shoes. even if they did, you wouldn’t be around to see it.

so live thy dreams. live thy life.