Happy Madras Day 2023

Typically Iam unusually adrenalised about Madras Day! It’s a day I celebrate with zest. Madras has always been home. I grew up here, all I know and enjoy is here and everytime I travel I can’t wait to come back.

2023 however, hasn’t been kind.
It may seem like a very first world problem, but 2023 hasn’t been great on my mental health; which is directly proportional to the number of reels I have been editing and distracting myself with.
There are so many things about Madras that fascinate me. This beautiful oxymoronic medley of life, love, color, kaapi, food and people.
So much of Madras has changed and yet much more remains the same.
Every Madras Day I write about why and how Madras is important to me.
This year, Madras is important to me because this is the only place my Z knew.
My Z loved the Madras Autos so much he would jump with joy even when he couldn’t. Tongue out, wind flapping his ears back and this unabridged joy, even on his last ride.
My Z loved and devoured Aavin ice cream with a singular passion. Sure, all ice creams are good but Aavin ice creams were special.
We could never take him to the beach. That’s my only regret with him. He was either too young, too zesty, too fiesty, too rowdy or too old. His problems dint help. It was heart wrenching that the first time we took him, was as ashes to be one with the sea.
This year, Madras is important to me because this is the only place my Z knew.

Madras is important to me because the beach has my Z.
Everytime the waves come play hide and seek with me, I know it’s him. Everytime I feed a streetie I can almost hear him growl with jealousy. Everytime I take a ride in an Auto I know he’s with me, tongue out and all.
Madras is important to me because Madras has my Z.

Happy Madras Day, hope you are having better days than me. I hope to be better by next year too. 🙂