Happy Madras Day 2020 | What can Madras do innum konjam to overcome Covid19?!

i dont know how many cities across the world have birthdays. dont want to cause ripples in my mirage with that info for iam ecstatic that madras has a birthday!!
who would have thought, we’d be “celebrating” madras day, amidst a goddamn pandemic. seems surreal but the faces i dont see, everytime i step out remind me of the stark reality.
instead of the alliterative awesomeness that this year should have been, we have seen it all – the jokes about a bat virus, the truth that shocked us, the actuality that locked us all up in our homes, stole away happiness, jobs, food and much more essential and basic necessities for some.
we lived through that like we always did, with humor, acceptance, food and making the best of what we could.
but has this pandemic taught us anything? has it covered up more than just our faces??
this madras day, let’s look at what madras needs to get through this pandemic, this year and life.

innum konjam patience…

this pandemic has put us through the wringer. everyone has been knocked a peg or two down. after all that, when we step out, why the impatience? it’s not possible to catch up on lost time! it’s not even possible to go back to how things were for as i write this, coronavirus is still prevalent with governments anticipating another surge. social distance may be tough, waiting tougher, queues alien. but nammal mudiyum madras, innum konjam porumai.

innum konjam courage…

namakku illatha thairyama? there are still so many of us afraid, of the virus, of how it’s stolen lives and livelihoods. but we have braved everything that has been thrown at us. be it tsunami or floods, we have time and again proved our mettle to ourselves and the rest of the world. dont sit idle- do what you want, whatever you can to keep moving forward. the government has given us relaxations inspite of the grave situation, because that is the only way. WE are the only way to bring the economy back.

innum konjam kindness…

this semblance of normalcy that is still reined by this invisible and annoyingly tiny virus is evident. but this is the time, more than ever to be kind. iam not talking about donations or the big guns. iam talking little things. instead of being perpetually on the edge, give way for the senior citizens to bill first and leave the store so they are exposed less. make sure to collectively send one person per block/building/friends circle out for veggie shopping for all so you minime exposure while in camaraderie. kids and peruyavanga always priority okay?

innum konjam responsibility…

every week, such young college student volunteers come over to enquire general health status. countless volunteers who have nothing to gain, first responders – the police, the ambulance drivers; the caretakers – doctors, nurses, medical and paramedical staff especially those who provide dignity to the dead even in these circumstances; officials and ministers – politicians who were only targeted in memes and debates are working round the clock, doing what they can – some even being affected by the virus themselves.
then why are we being so irresponsible??
wear a mask – properly. make sure to cover both the nose and the mouth
wash hands often
step out ONLY for work and when needed.
avlo kurai sollarom, then why dont we behave?

innum konjam happiness…

tough times? yes.
lots of kashtam? yes.
neraya fear? yes.
no panam? yes.
but we still have each other
we still have madras.