Happy International Women’s Day

i am a medical researcher and as part of my job, i submit documents to various committees for approval. recently i received an email with a list of corrections in the documents. the comment that irritated me the most was that they wanted me to address the documents to “chairperson” as opposed to chairman, because their committee was headed by a woman.

ever heard a man say chairman has man in it, which is also part of woman, so i want to be called chairhuman?

these so called bra burning, chaddi throwing feminists are the ones actually ruining it for the everyone.

women don’t get promoted because of a lot of reasons, but women also don’t get promoted because of petty cat fights.

women entrepreneurs don’t have it easy, mostly because there are women who pull them down. don’t believe me? go check the comments of any Instagram Seller.

women are not called sluts just by men, they are sold out equally by the women they got promoted over.

if someone has directly not caused you harm, if it’s not a problem of value in the society that gives you the right to an opinion, why would you comment and/or troll someone?

why does it matter if jordyn woods slept with tristan thompson? why can’t we make peace with the fact that kylie jenner was recognised by Forbes as the youngest self made billionaire? she has family members who had the same advantage as her and are currently not billionaires. heck, kim kardashian was the one who made the sex tape and she isn’t on top of the Forbes list. that should give you enough evidence to shut up.

why is it so hard for us to keep our mouths shut? and we don’t like it when men label us gossipmongers. shocking.

everything that masaba gupta touches turns to gorgeous print and literal amrapali gold and yet even today, she bears labels that are unwarranted though her father is hailed god in cricket.

next time you want to run your mouth against someone esp a female, do humanity a favor and shut up. some female in the future, even from your own genetic lineage will thank you.

i am not all that great. i will admit that i have denied women jobs because they had marriage and/or childbirth in the foreseeable future. experience has shown me that 8 out of 10 girls quit the day after the salary is credited with no notice because they were getting married. in all of my career, i have known two girls who have stuck through for years.

the equivalent of #notallmen is #yesmostwomen.

men ruled by virtue of evolution. then as an expression of inferio-superiority complex. it’s generations of patriarchal garbage that every woman muddles through everyday to reach her dreams. so when you dig up your road to success, don’t fill another woman’s path with your mud.


in the words of Kaneez Surka,