happy international coffee day | 5 coffee lessons i learnt from the covid19 lockdown

2020 has been the weirdest year in the history of years. never in my lifetime did i imagine i would get to witness a major historic event as the covid19 pandemic. nor did i ever imagine i would be locked up for months on end… 

this international coffee day, i bring to you 5 coffee lessons that 2020 has taught me. 

coffee is all about community…

i took us a while, like maybe the first few weeks to sit back and assess the situation. but the coffee community in india came together so beautifully. coaches with online classes, initiatives of pay-now-drink-later that helped so many cafe and roasters. content creators that put up innovative ways to use up the meagre quantities of coffee we had at all. what i loved best was how we all laughed together about the depleting stock of coffee and reminisced about the good times. 

always stock up…

i understand that roasted beans store well only for so long and ground coffee even less so. i understand janata curfew was announced at the end of the month – which is typically when most of us buy new coffee for the next month. i understand that not much can be done. but man, i just want to tell myself and everyone – stock up. i spent a good chunk of the lockdown on instant coffee after 4 years of specialty coffee and it was not a pleasant experience. the real nightmare of 2020 began then for me. no, iam not being snobbish or dissing instant coffee. iam just saying i had gotten so used to fresh coffee that the instant variety dint sit well with my GIT. ulcers arent very friendly. or fun. 

know your coffee…

NO! imma stop your right there. i dont mean notes, flavours, points, colour, cut, clarity or if your coffee got down on one knee. i mean know where the coffee comes from. most planters and estaters are on social media these days and share their lovely space with us. understand what goes into nurturing the lovely bean that is the deliciousness in your cup every morning. i emphatically disagree about it being a social media game.  its not about the TAGS!! i want people to know the estaters and the planters as much as the roasters.
tracing every item you buy – no matter what it is, and especially coffee – to its very roots is the gratitude you give back; it is sustainability. it is respect. 

the aeropress go ROCKS!!!??????

i travel with my AP-Go and i was stuck at travels when the lockdown happened. so the AP go was the only equipment with me for making the little coffee i had. BUT this entire lockdown, i played with the AP-Go SO MUCH!!!
you name it, and there’s an adaptation method that can be done using the AP-Go : pourover style, cold extracted espresso, AP in ice, cold brew, cold drip and much much more!
i also experimented with reusing my AP filters, which worked beautifully.
iam linking below one of the videos that helped me make the best of my Aeropress Go by European Coffee Trip

iam no longer a coffee blogger…

thanks to being heavily influenced by BaristaOnBike, i am generally not snobbish or close minded about coffee.
people? yes. coffee? no.
but the dynamics of content creation in the specialty coffee world has changed tremendously in this lockdown period. maybe good, maybe bad, all perspective.
but i no longer want to identify myself with a tag that iam not comfortable with.
iam not a coffee blogger or a coffee content creator or any other adjectives that are social media influenced.
if anything iam a coffee-enjoyer.
i love coffee, i enjoy coffee and i share what i love and enjoy. and that my friends is the end of the story. 

happy international coffee day!!!

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  1. You are amazing….. Thank you for the mention… And being diabetes… ❤️❤️❤️

  2. Thank you for reading the article ?? Most of what I know about coffee is from you, coach. ??

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