happy international clinical trials day 2021

probably the only good thing about the pandemic is that everyone knows “clinical trials” – some have even become experts courtesy of whatsapp university.
today is international clinical trials day (thanks to James Lind)
my job is so very very dear to me.
know that song, “iam on vacation every single day cuz i love my occupation” that’s me. I absolutely LOVE my job. and I can’t stress or express that enough.
i studied biotechnology. almost started my doctorate when things fell apart. few months of depression, a stint in NIMHANS and a clinical research course from Anna University serendipitously came by.
I couldn’t have picked a career that was more tailor made for my semi-OCD, awesome-at-documentation self.
i have so many regrets about the opportunities I have missed in the past few years – networking, a professional social circle, more accolades to my name. but never once I have not wanted to be where iam.
sure, I have elaborate plans to celebrate this day and to make it memorable in more ways than one.
may be some other year. may be some other life time.
but i have never looked back or regretted this career path ever.
there’s a lot to it that is not exactly coffee table conversation. i can’t discuss names of clients, products, trial details. can’t even talk about the results of a study. can’t advertise much if you are in this biz. worst of all, i can’t make people accept that I don’t strap humans to hospital beds and force feed them drugs.

ironically now everyone understands the basics of clinical trials.

be thankful, people.
there’s a LOT that goes on in the medical research field. most products you eat, apply or use, all drugs, devices, vaccines and even cosmetics undergo clinical trials. and no we don’t “exploit” people. no we don’t test foreign drugs on innocent Indian population.
the centre has volumes of rules of us and it’s got more red tape than all the world. so rest assured, the only ones being exploited are the ignorant by hyperactive news media.
it’s a brilliantly interesting field and one that’s here to say.

iam absolutely lucky to be doing what I wholeheartedly love and that I am rock star at it. oh, yes it’s always red velvet for the special occasions


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