Coffees of October 2022

✨Coffee of October 2022✨

okay, so I have a confession. for all my big talk about keeping Coffee simple and not being uppity, iam a closet-snob. hear me out.
only when it comes to washed coffee because it stayed within the spectrum of chocolate, dark, nutty, smoked etc all of which are reminiscent of the filter kaapi from my childhood. not that it’s a bad thing but I like my coffee fruity, juicy and flavourful.
this is the first time a bag of washed coffee had my undivided attention even when I had naturals and HSD with me.
so much flavour, so juicy and so unlike any washed I have ever had.
எங்க ஊரு காபி னு சும்மா சொல்லல!! ✨✨✨