Coffees of 2023 : Salawara x Bloom Coffee Roasters

The Coffee

Roaster :  Bloom Coffee Roasters
Varietal :  SLN 795 
Process : Washed

The Estate : Salawara Estate

Spread across 400 acres in the fabled hills of Chikmagalur, the Salawara estate was started in 1880, and produces some delicious Arabicas and Robustas that have won various awards in India and abroad. They have recently forayed with much greater vigour into speciality coffee and their efforts and dedication has taken their coffees to new levels of flavour and yumminess. Run by the father son duo of Mr. Gowda and Sharan Gowda, they share our commitment of taking Indian coffee to greater heights by using amazing new processes and also a great focus on how the coffee is grown at their estate! The estate is dotted with exotic herbs and spices that are grown alongside the coffee!
Species grown: Arabica (50%), Robusta (50%)
Varietals grown: Arabica (Sln7, Chandragiri), Robusta (Sln9, CxR)
The coffee crop from salawara estate is successfully inter-cropped with pepper, Areca nut,oranges and silver oak trees which brings in the perfect balance of richness and heritage .Salawara literally means string of blessings. They were awarded best quality bean award from Ernesto Illy in 2018. (1)

The Roaster : Bloom Coffee Roasters

Bloom Coffee Roasters blossomed from the shared passion for coffee among three close friends – essentially brothers – Sharang, Tejasvi, and Shivansh. Their bond, cultivated over countless coffee gatherings (with a sprinkle of other beverages), naturally led them to a profound adoration for coffee, sparking the inception of a roastery. Despite diverse academic and professional paths, their unified love for coffee and the vibrant coffee community brought them together.

The 2019 Indian Aeropress Championships acted as a catalyst, propelling them into the intricate world of coffee roasting. Not even a chaotic pandemic, arriving just a month after launching BCR, could deter them from their mission: crafting delectable specialty coffee that’s both inviting and accessible to all, while elevating the coffee standards in the cafes they collaborated with.

Throughout the past three years, they’ve meticulously refined their expertise, drawing insights from global leaders in specialty coffee. From earning prestigious SCA certifications to engaging in a myriad of workshops and learnings led by industry luminaries, they’ve earned recognition as esteemed coffee professionals within the Indian coffee sphere. Their discerning judgment has graced numerous local and national competitions. Yet, their thirst for coffee knowledge remains unquenchable. Each day finds them approaching their craft with the same eagerness and commitment to learning as they did when they embarked on this exhilarating journey. (2)


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