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The Coffee

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The Estate : Salawara

Spread across 400 acres in the fabled hills of Chikmagalur, the Salawara estate was started in 1880, and produces some delicious Arabicas and Robustas that have won various awards in India and abroad. They have recently forayed with much greater vigour into speciality coffee and their efforts and dedication has taken their coffees to new levels of flavour and yumminess. Run by the father son duo of Mr. Gowda and Sharan Gowda, they share our commitment of taking Indian coffee to greater heights by using amazing new processes and also a great focus on how the coffee is grown at their estate! The estate is dotted with exotic herbs and spices that are grown alongside the coffee!
Species grown: Arabica (50%), Robusta (50%)
Varietals grown: Arabica (Sln7, Chandragiri), Robusta (Sln9, CxR)
The coffee crop from salawara estate is successfully inter-cropped with pepper, Areca nut,oranges and silver oak trees which brings in the perfect balance of richness and heritage .Salawara literally means string of blessings. They were awarded best quality bean award from Ernesto Illy in 2018. (1)


The Roaster : Tramways Coffee

Tramways is what happens when two coffee-loving introverts collide.
In 2019, Sonali and Devansh were on two wildly different paths, but onlya few cups away from discovering their common love for coffee (andeach other). She was dodging arranged marriage proposals, and he was mulling over his next career move. But the universe had its own plans for them.
Sonali soon started her own specialty coffee shop Potboiler, andDevansh started drinking his coffee there— before eventually gettingbehind the counter as a part-time barista.
Over a hundred cups and conversations, they realised they both enjoyedcoffee two entirely different ways. They also realised third-wave coffeehad become prescriptive, and intimidating.
So while coffee and love quietly brewed between them, so did a shareddream.
Firm believers that coffee is meant to be savoured however you like—they started Tramways: a line of transportive brews that let you enjoycoffee at your own pace.

What is Tramways : We’ve always believed a good cup of coffee can be madea hundred different ways. So we threw out the rulebooks,the jargon and the jazz; took everything we loved aboutspecialty coffee and made it easy for you to enjoy, at yourown pace.
With Tramways, each cup is a path to a moment, a mood,a memory of your choice—a promise to transport youwherever you’d like to go. Come experience this journeywith us, as we bring to you coffees from across India thatare ethically sourced, direct from the farmers & roastedwith the care and precision every coffee deserves!
We aren’t here to preach one way to brew your coffee,instead, we want to make this journey yours, so that youcan brew to pause & pause to brew! (2)

What i want to remember

if you know me, you know chandragiri is my soulmate! brilliant coffee. very fruit and a tad winey as is expected by SLN13. love that tramways dint go too dark with it and the roast wasjust perfect to let the flavour of the coffee shine through.


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