Coffees of 2022 | Monsooned Malabar from Hoysala Estate by BlueTokai

the coffee

? : @hoysalacoffeeandspices
☕️ : @bluetokaicoffee
⚙️:  monsooned malabar
? : SLN 795

the processing

monsooned malabar :  the harvested coffee beans are exposed to monsoon climate winds and rain of the malabar coast for a few (3-4) months causing the beans to swell up and lose its acidity. the resultant is a flavourful earthy coffee with a very neutral ph/low acidity.  

the estate : hoysala coffee and spices

  • Angadi Village in the Western Ghats
  • 900 to 1350 MSL
  • Established in the 1800s
  • They grow arabica and robusta(1)
  • Arabica Varietals
    • Sarchimore
    • HDTX Catuai
    • SLN 795
    • SLN 9
    • Yellow Borboun
  • Robusta Varietals
    • SLN 274
    • CxR varieties

the roaster : bluetokai

BlueTokai, are indian specialty coffee roasters established in 2013 by Matt Chitharanjan, with cafes now across India. they have varied and lovely selection of coffees and have now also expanded to single origin easy pourover sachets.

what i want to remember

it’s been a LONG TIME since i had monsooned malabar. i remember the first time Binny asked me to try an MM, he said “think petrichor”. the hoysala is a classic MM. earthy, RICH, full bodied, excellent mouth feel, with a very hint of dark fruit and ?pepper/spice. i dint taste the mocha or maybe i identified the earthiness so but this is a delicious cup.  i shied away from MM because i wasnt used to full bodied cups the last time around. they “tasted” very similar to traditional washed to the untrained – dark, earthy and full of body. so i stayed away thinking this was too close to kaapi for comfort. but iam so glad i picked this one this year. iam learning to appreciate the body and the earthiness and a long lingering aftertaste. looking forward to more of MM in the coming years. 

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