Coffees of 2021 : Meister Clean


the coffee

☕️: @koffie_genetics
?:  @tat_tvam_asi_organic_coffee
? : SLN 795, Cauvery (SLN 12)
⚙️: washed

This coffee is from their Temple Block and is a washed micro lot with an SCA Score of 84.25(1)

the roaster : koffie genetics 

Bhavnish Mittal runs Koffie Genetics – A small batch speciality coffee roaster based out of Luru. Love their attention to detail and packaging, apart from the lovely coffees. Looking to add much more to this section as they grow 

the estate : tat tvam asi organic

Tat Tvam Asi Organic Farm is located on the Bababudangiri range at an altitude of 1400 mts above sea level surrounded by biodiverse shola grasslands and montane rainforest in the  heart of Bhadra Wildlife Sanctuary. The region is home to over a 120 plant species over 200 species of birds and host of other mammals and reptiles.

Why organic? Vishal and Aditi say “Why shouldn’t we know what we put into our bodies and what effects any harmful foods or products may have in the short or long term on us, let alone be the earth. Being organic, not only makes us sustainable but also makes our coffee special. Refraining form fertilising our soil with chemical fertilisers such as potassium nitrate and ammonium nitrate , we help the fungi network grow naturally. This network of fungi help to dissolve solid nutrients such as phosphates as well as micro nutrient metals which needs to develop the various rich oils that give coffee its deep and rich aroma. This varied profile of oils give Tat Tvam Asi Organic Coffee , its special taste as well as profile. Organic fertilisation of our plants gives it the micronutrients which gives our coffee its unique flavour, even though the body of our cherries wouldn’t be that big and aft as an inorganic bean.”(2)

Tat Tvam Asi has been on my visit-the-estates list for so long. please do check out their web page. it is so beautifully curated, inviting you into a world of true organic goodness that is such a  rarity these days.

what i want to remember 

the generosity of Bhavnish for having sent me the beautiful coffee. not typically leaning towards washed coffee, I would have missed this beauty otherwise. typically with washed, I lean towards aeropress but this works really well as a pour over. it’s like a coffee-negroni without tipping the scale too much on the bitter side. clean, bright and a long aftertaste. 

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