Coffees of 2021 : Karadykan by ThirdWave

the coffee

☕️ : @thirdwaveroasters
?: karadykan, @sangameshwar_coffee
? : ? (have asked both third wave and Sangameswar for confirmation)
⚙️ : naturals

the estate : karadykan

the history
The British brothers W.L.Crawford & C.S.Crawford opened up Karadykan in 1890, later on taken over by GVR Frend and partners. Then Mr. K.S.Vaidyanathan founded Sangameshwar Coffee Estates Ltd to take over the Karadykan Group of Estates.

varieties and strains
Arabica – Sln.795, Sln.9, Catimor, BBTC-sln, Catura, HDTxCatuvai. Robusta – Old Robusta (Peradeniya), Sln274 & CxR.(1)

the roaster : third wave coffee

Third Wave Coffee Roasters was born out of the dream to introduce India to specialty coffee or the ‘Third Wave movement’- a movement dedicated to providing high-quality coffee that’s brewed to perfection from farm to cup. Simply put, we want everyone to experience the bliss of a perfect brew.  

A tale untold

Back in 2015, we embarked on a journey of multiple farm trips to find the finest beans. We chose to startup at Bangalore to stay closer to the source, and started sourcing coffee from 6 estates. We set up a small R&D unit, and utilized a custom-made batch roaster from Idaho, USA to roast beans from different farms in small lots.

Perfecting passion, one cup at a time

We opened our first cafe in Bangalore in September 2016. We envisioned a place that not only serves the highest quality coffee, but a warm and inclusive space that helps foster relationships over a cuppa. We continued working with select estates to source the best beans that encompass more nuanced flavours, and opened our second cafe in December 2017.

Bean there, done that

Since then we’ve won the Best Micro Coffee Roastery Award in India, represented India at the World Barista Championship, and won the Women’s Barista Championship, in a span of two years. We have 7 cafes in Bangalore, 1 in Koregaon Park-Pune, 1 in Jubilee Hills- Hyderabad and we’re adding many more to come!

A caffeine kick

We’re now brewing coffee in 3 cities, sourced from 14 estates, with over 9 cafes, and serving over 1.5 million coffee lovers, even as we continue to expand and seek to source the best coffee across the globe. But what keeps us going? It’s what we’d like to call a ‘coffee-high’, and some truly passionate folks who’re on this mission with us.

Growing a community

We value our partner cafes and wholesale relationships as much as we do our own cafes. From our carefully curated food menus, to our experimental baristas, from the finest hand picked coffee, to building communities over conversations, all we want to do is change the world one cup at a time.(2)

what i want to remember

this karadykan from @thirdwaveroasters makes for a brilliant morning cup. i dint get the flavour notes on the pack which i was sad about because I have tasted all four. but as always with coffee it’s more about the perception of taste than taste per se (say that fast 10 times)

so i will tell you that this coffee as a pour over is dark and “strong” despite being a medium light roast. strong like the coffee that wakes up and stares at you like the hairs at @sangameshwar_coffee  (not the TDS based strong)

nutty and roasty which intensifies as an @aeropress coffee. but what really intrigued me was the pruny-winey hints that i absolutely loved. i have been desperately wanting to know the varietal just to understand where this note is coming from. if it turns out that this is SLN795, and the pruny notes are coming from the natural processing, then iam doubly excited.

iam also going to guess and say that this karadykan is part of the “community blend” of third wave cuz i get a whiff of the same notes but third wave won’t tell me their secrets! pray do share. other than taking lengthy notes, I don’t do much else.

source : 1,  2