Coffees of 2021 : Hoysala Estate

the estate : hoysala coffee and spices

  • Angadi Village in the Western Ghats
  • 900 to 1350 MSL
  • Established in the 1800s
  • They grow arabica and robusta(1)
  • Arabica Varietals
    • Sarchimore
    • HDTX Catuai
    • SLN 795
    • SLN 9
    • Yellow Borboun
  • Robusta Varietals
    • SLN 274
    • CxR varieties

the roaster : bluetokai

BlueTokai, are indian specialty coffee roasters established in 2013 by Matt Chitharanjan, with cafes now across India. they have varied and lovely selection of coffees and have now also expanded to single origin easy pourover sachets.

what i want to remember

this one turned out to be super awesome! loved and rejoiced every cup. the flavour notes are limiting! this is a beautifully winey-fruity that iam truly sad I got only the sampler of!
? : @hoysalacoffeeandspices
☕️ : @bluetokaicoffee
? : sarchimore
⚙️ : naturals

(notes as on 24-Jan-21)
this tastes everything winey and berry. it was a coffee i knew and recognised instantly but could place it.
thankfully @baristaonbike to the rescue, he connected the dots.
SLN 13 Chandragiri is Sarchimore with some HDT (Timor Hybrid) genes. that’s why this coffee tastes very very similar to Varadymullai! such a eureka moment this was!

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