Coffees of 2021 : Curveball by Kapi Kottai Chennai

the coffee

☕️: @kapikottai
?:  mooleh manay, @southindiacoffeeco
⚙️: natural sun dried
? : excelsa

south india coffee co

The South India Coffee Company was started in 2017 by husband and wife duo Akshay Dashrath and Komal Sable.

We are 5th generation coffee planters from Coorg, one of the oldest coffee growing regions in India. Having spent a significant amount of time in the UK for the last 10 years, we realised that Indian Coffees are underrated and under-represented(1)

the estate : mooleh manay

Mooleh Manay Estate was established in 2013 by 4th generation coffee planter, Ms. G.G. Padmashree with the aim of producing sustainable and environmentally responsible high quality coffee using modern farming techniques. The plantation is located in North Coorg, on the banks of the Harangi backwaters in the foothills of the Western Ghats.(2)

the roaster : kāpi kottai

kapi kottai was founded by chennai duo Akshay Vaidayanathan and Ezzy Fernando.
They were first introduced to me by Binny aka BaristaOnBike.
Their USP is they are super great friends and have the cuddliest of all doggo – bumbles. Kidding but kinda not.
They are really awesome people because they started their roasting in an OTG oven which i got to see in action when i first got to visit kapikottai HQ.

now they have Ashley Bakington who is an Ailio Bullet R1V2 which makes their coffee extra superbly awesome!

what i want to remember

the fragrance is classic curveball. this bad boy biker has a very heady, winey plumy aroma that promises to paint the town red (maroon red in this case). the flavour notes translate well. if you have had curveball from last year, you might notice it to be much fuller. i found it to have more body. more balanced. a smidge more tropical than just acidic plums. the taste is uniform, doesnt differ even if you let the cup completely cool.
curveball has a long aftertaste just like the impact bad biker boys leave on you long after the romance novel is done. you cant go wrong with a v60 but try an iced version that promises all of this but better! like the bad biker is also an entreprenuer who makes some big time mooleh (geddit?!) 😛


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