Coffees of 2021 : Brunches are Peachy

the coffee

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? : SLN13, Chandragiri

the estate : kanbile estate

Kanbile Estate was established in the early 1900’s. The proprietor of Kanbile Estate is 4th generation coffee planter, Mr. G.G. Rajendra Kumar. The plantation is sustainably cultivated with predominantly shade grown Arabica, with some of the shade trees being over a 100 years old. The plantation is bird and wildlife friendly and coffee is cultivated harmoniously with nature with minimal environmental impact. The plantation also has its own wet mill and drying yards.(2)

the roaster : el bueno coffee roasters

El Bueno endeavours to highlight the goodness in your cuppa. The good coffee sets into motion when the seeds are sown for the beautiful plants that sprout into red cherries, which are hand-picked to bring you only the best flavours. The fruit goes through scrupulous processing and eventually turns into the perfect green bean. Our roastmaster then performs his magic on the beans and gives them their beautiful brown color, and finally, the barista creates art from the freshly-roasted beans. Every stage contributes to The Good Coffee.

We put our heart into making your coffee exciting so that your cup doesn’t just have coffee, it has El Bueno coffee.(3)

what i want to remember

chandragiri always has my heart. so i jumped on the opportunity to sample this coffee. unlike other chandragiri’s, this coffee has an additional  earthy, nutty tone to it, that makes for a very bold full-feeling cup. better brewed slightly less hot and the cup gets better as it cools too!

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