Coffees of 2021 : Anitya by Kāli Coffee

the coffee

☕️ : @kali.coffee0
? : @pkc_kudiraipanjan_estate_india
? : SLN9, SLN12 (Cauvery), SLN5B (devamachy), SLN13 (chandragiri)
⚙️ : anaerobic fermented naturals

the estate : kudiraipanjan estate

firstly, enga oor kaapi okay?
Located in the Shevaroy Hills in Yercaud, Tamil Nadu, Kudripanjan Estate sits at an altitude of 1400 metres. While the estate was originally established by the British in 1878, it has been part of the Palani Kandasamy Chettiar family since 1975. Ever since, three generations of the P.K.C family have managed and taken care of the farm. The varietals of coffee on the farm include Selections 9, 5b, 795, Chandragiri and Catimor. Besides coffee, the estate is home to trees such as mangoes, avocados and cloves that help maintain the balance of micro and macro nutrients needed to produce complex and flavourful coffee that grows here. (1)

the roaster : kāli coffee

Kali is built on efficiency and expertise gained through years of intensive, on the job training in the hospitality industry. Our founder Ashwini Sawant started working in the industry as a humble Cabin Crew with Paramount Airways. She has worked her way up to food and beverage departments and business development portfolios with leading names in the industry like Hyatt Regency, Westin, and J.W. Marriott. That is where our emphasis on quality, hygiene, punctuality, and efficiency comes from. After working in the industry for more than nine years, she spent a couple of years traveling in the Himalayas, rediscovering her love for coffee in a spiritual sense, associating it with a sense of “Maya”. Kali was born with this passion for coffee, with an intricate understanding of the ins and outs of the food and beverage industry.(2)

i absolutely love the brand and their thought process.
all their coffees are sent out in black matte packaging and have names from Indian mythology and spirituality ! they do right by #mayainacup

what i want to remember

anitya is the PERFECT name for this coffee!
when i was looking to buy coffee form kāli, i was drawn towards shambavi. though iam best buds with Balaji, i have always loved the name for what it stood. but I opted for anitya cuz chandragiri has my heart.
there are notes galore from the beans – there’s roasty notes, a whiff of citrus, a teeny peek of chandragiri and some funkiness from the fermentation.
March may not have been the perfect month for me to this. i was too preoccupied to actually relish more than a cup or two, most of my coffee these days has been about sustenance to be human and not commit murder. even then, when you are reading blurry endless words, a sip has made me pause and go “oh wow, what coffee is this again”. the citrusy notes are high so would recommend drinking this one hot. the emails can wait. trust me.

there is beauty in impermanence. not being tied down to one flavour profile. there is beauty in fliting from one note to another. there is beauty in anitya.

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  1. This is the one of the best coffee place in Chandigarh. The ambiance here is really good. I recommend you to try Kali Coffee

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