Coffees of 2020 : Riverdale : KC Roasters by Koinonia

KC Roasters by Koinonia are roasters and cafe in 2016, founded by Shanon D’Souza , Sidhartha Marchant, and Clement Sissia .  They offer delicious single origin coffee, food and healthy snacks. 

Riverdale by KC Roasters

From KC Roaster about Riverdale

Riverdale has made its mark in Indian Specialty Coffee, through a closely developed relationship with Cartel Coffee Roasters in Melbourne. The last few seasons they have produced some of the finest naturals coffees in India and have exported to Australia with great appreciation and recognition.
While we love our naturals coffee, we have been focusing on our collaboration with Riverdale to produce a finely curated washed coffee. This process unique produced for KC, starts off savoury, but develops with a thick rich caramel flavour, and finishes with soft notes of hazelnut.

And it tastes great just black, or with milk while watching the raindrops trickle down your windows.  
Region: Yercaud, Tamil Nadu
Process: Washed Parchment
Altitude: 3400 Feet 
Best with: Espresso, French Press, South Indian Filter, Moka Pot, Electric Brewer, Cold Brew
Cupper’s Notes: Salted Caramel & Roasted Hazelnuts


what i want to remember 

this riverdale is good. different but good.
washed coffee is problem, esp for me. washed, sometimes means straight up “coffee” flavor.
though i cant discern the hazelnuts, i can definitely pick up on the caramelisation and the roasted flavor notes.
it’s a rich strong coffee that i liked best black made with my trusty aeropress go.
a great mid-day pick me up!


Roaster : KC Roasters by Koinonia
Estate : Riverdale Estate, Yercaud, Tamil Nadu