Coffees of 2020 : Kilpauk Standard : Kapi Kottai

kapikottai was founded by chennai duo Akshay Vaidayanathan and Ezzy Fernando.
They were first introduced to me by Binny aka BaristaOnBike.
Their USP is they are super great friends and have the cuddliest of all doggo – bumbles. Kidding but kinda not. 
They are really awesome people because they started their roasting in an OTG oven which i got to see in action when i first got to visit kapikottai HQ.
The kilpauk standard is their classic. it’s the PERFECT coffee that gives the “traditional” yet absolutely redundant filter coffee places a run for their money. match made in heaven for south indian filter kaapi. Also works deliciously to add to brownies and banana cakes for that coffee kick! 

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kilpauk standard

what i want to remember

the PERFECT coffee for South Indian Filter Kaapi. Strong, Robust even though Arabica (bad joke i know) but coffee is amazing! forget chicory for strength and aroma, get the real deal here

roaster : kapikottai