coffee @ work | The Verdict – Morphy Richards Drip Machine

The Verdict Before the Specifics

#1 It’s Good

having been used to some finer experiences with coffee, I was expecting an output akin to instant-coffee but I was pleasantly surprised. Coffee from this machine is good if you use specialty beans.

#2 It’s not Great

it’s never going to match up to a pourover (even a badly made one at that) but you can definitely tweak variables to make it work. there are a lot of variables you can’t control like the temperature, flow rate etc but you can play around with the other variables and find a sweet spot.

#3 Tastes 75% Like a Pourover

the percolation is uneven and uncontrollable but tastes good enough for a quick fix of specialty at work with the least amount of effort.

#4 It’s Cost Effective

it’s always on sale on Amazon. there are a few hundred models of various brands that mostly do the same thing.

#5 Best Coffee @ Work

of all my experiments, this has worked beautifully for me. iam still partial to my decoction or my CBC but when you need to hustle, the pot helps ????