coffee @ work : experiment #4A

Coffee @ Work

This is my quest to  enjoy a freshly brewed cup of specialty coffee at work without the hassle of the elaborate  setup as at home!!
there are so many misses, many more surprises and a few success on this mission!!
so tag along on the crazy-train. Destination : One Hot Delicious Cup of Specialty Coffee!!

Experiment # 4A : The Decoction but with a V60!!!!


  • 3 : 1 :: Water : Coffee
  • I bottled it up in a used Juice  bottle.
  • I kept the bottle refrigerated at work. 


  • Its fun and easy.
  • The decoction in a bottle is super handy to carry. All i have to do is add in hot water!!


  • The washed survive until the end of the day but did not pack a punch, if you know what i mean. 
  • The HSD, The Naturals, started tasting a tad sour/rasam like by the end of the day.


  • The experiment works, just not the process. Must try the aeropress.

Stay Tuned for More Madness…