coffee @ work : experiment #1

Coffee @ Work

This is my quest to  enjoy a freshly brewed cup of specialty coffee at work without the hassle of the elaborate  setup as at home!!
there are so many misses, many more surprises and a few success on this mission!!
so tag along on the crazy-train. Destination : One Hot Delicious Cup of Specialty Coffee!!

Experiment # 1 : The Insulated Flask

Pretty Straightforward. What i did was brew a large cup of specialty coffee and pour it into the insulated flask, so i could have a hot cuppa at work.

Method #1  :  Pourover; Naturals

Totally yuck! i dont know if it was the insulation or the fact that it was naturals. it was yuck. DO NOT RECOMMEND.

Method #2  :  Aeropress; Naturals

again yuck. this time it was a tad oily too. could be because i used the steel filter instead of the paper ones. DO NOT RECOMMEND.

Method #3 :  Aeropress; Washed

this wasnt so bad. i used paper filters so that kept the oil away. wasnt bad but wasnt great either. the first few sips were okay. the rest i poured over a glass of ice and that was MUCH better!! THIS WORKS FOR AN “ICED” brew but only with washed beans.

Stay Tuned for More Madness…