coffee review – deep bliss from flying squirrel coffee

deep bliss (flying squirrel coffee) 

Our house blend for the perfect wake up jolt. A rich coffee you’d be proud to serve your guests, as well as people you genuinely like. Deep Bliss is a deep, dark, roasty, intense blend, designed in the labs of the India Coffee Board, exclusively for The Flying Squirrel. 

coffee review

packaging: beautiful brown paper packaging that i have come to love on my coffee journey. the pack seals tight. (i ordered the taster’s pack and got some coffee packs with the printed logo and some without)

fragrance: the coffee smells beautiful. like dark chocolate – the good ones that taste rich and bitter. 

aroma: the black coffee has a rich aroma almost like dark chocolate. coffee with milk has the same coming through, however, milder.

acidity: deep bliss is low in acidity. it is quite smooth and mellow.

body: deep bliss is fantastic! it’s got a rich body but is still quite delicate and not overpowering.

texture: the texture is silky and makes for a wonderful cuppa. 

flavor: deep bliss has an earthy, chocolaty flavor. it’s a good balance between sweet and tart bordering on sweet.

aftertaste: doesn’t coat the tongue but it’s not super clean either.

the coffee: deep bliss is my first coffee from “flying squirrel coffee” . it makes for a clean cup with a uniform taste. what i truly love is that the roast brings out the flavors rather than mask it! flying squirrel warns you about having this black, but i prefer deep bliss black.
with milk, deep bliss still tastes great. i accidentally let it cool while i was on a phone call and it made for a wonderful cold coffee. just needed a little more extract, some ice cubes and it was good to go!

the verdict: deep bliss for me, is the perfect rainy-morning cuppa. it’s got this great ilayaraja feel with its chocolaty aroma and flavor but still packs a punch like ar rahman. 


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