coffee review – cafe chic from flying squirrel coffee

cafe chic (flying squirrel coffee) 

The coffee that got ‘kaapi’ included in the English dictionary. A classic peaberry blend with the right balance of Chicory for that flawless South Indian glass. Cafe Chic is The Flying Squirrel’s only coffee with added chicory, for those who like that deep, smokey, accentuated south-indian filter coffee flavour. The best way to brew this coffee is using a South Indian stainless steel filter.

coffee review

packaging: beautiful brown paper packaging that i have come to love on my coffee journey. the pack seals tight. (i ordered the taster’s pack and got some coffee packs with the printed logo and some without.

fragrance: what hit me almost immediately was the “grandma” coffee feel. strong and deep.

aroma: the rich traditional aroma that comes when coffee marries chicory.

acidity: given the medium dark roast, its not acidic. 

body: a full city roast that narrowly avoid the bitterness that is typical of a south indian kaapi!

texture: the texture is mildly oily but has a rich body.

aftertaste: coats the tongue, more so when had with milk. 

the coffee: Cafe Chic  is my third coffee from “flying squirrel coffee” . it’s a great  south indian filter kaapi. it makes the cut with great beans from Pollibetta. it has the right amount of chicory (15%), instead of the moustache curling 40% that “typical” south indian kaapi  powders are infamous for. great quality coffee which yields a really thick and satisfying decoction. 

the verdict:  i am allergic to chicory, so Cafe Chic  dint sit well with me. chicory gives me a headache that only “coffee” can cure. but having had my share of “kaapi”, i would say Cafe Chic  is a classy presentation from “flying squirrel coffee” . it hits the right “kaapi” mark without being over powering. besh besh!!

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