coffee review – aromatique from flying squirrel coffee

aromatique (flying squirrel coffee) 

Mild sweetness reminiscent of fruit and berries with a touch of mellow caramel and an almost wine-like rounded acidity. Aromatique is a select Arabica single estate coffee, naturally processed. Handpicked beans undergo a very mild fermentation to create this highly sophisticated coffee, rich in aroma and presence. 

coffee review

packaging: beautiful brown paper packaging that i have come to love on my coffee journey. the pack seals tight. (i ordered the taster’s pack and got some coffee packs with the printed logo and some without)

fragrance: i was surprised to learn this was a light roast. the coffee has a fragrance that is typical of a strong coffee or a deeper roast.

aroma: the coffee has a rich rounded aroma that doesnt overpower!

acidity: aromatique is acidic. it’s mildly astringent tasting.

body: aromatique has a rich body that is well balanced. it’s not delicate but makes for a strong punchy cuppa.

texture: the texture is not exactly winey. it’s more acidic than fruity/sweet 

flavor: aromatique from flying squirrel is tart with the mildest hint of sweet/sour 

aftertaste: coats the tongue. has a mildly astringent aftertaste that i did not enjoy

the coffee: Aromatique is my second coffee from “flying squirrel coffee” . it is a rich and strong cup of coffee with a mildly acidic-winey aftertaste. 

the verdict: it was not to my liking, but those who wish for a punchy, rich coffee in the morning can definitely give Aromatique a try.

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