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i have been a coffee girl all my life! i am coffee-devout! coffee-addict! coffee0holic! you name it. i am it. i am kind that drinks their day’s water worth in coffee and strongly believe that the solution to all of world’s problems lies at the bottom of a rich, deep, dark cup of coffee.

there is one tiny hitch though. when i say i am from madras (aka chennai of southern india), people expect my blood group to be “kumbakonam filter kaapi”. sadly no. i am allergic to chicory (cue gasp!!!)

chicory strangely gives me a nagging headache if i injest more than 1 cup. anything less than 5 cups of coffee a day is laughable! 

so i converted to the religion of nescafe. just pure coffee, instant and easy! i have been drinking nescafe in all forms and by the gallons for years now.

come 2017 i wanted to stir things up a bit. now that i have flexible work hours, i wanted to truly enjoy the process of brewing coffee and savor each sip.

that’s how i came to discover the whole new world of Specialty Coffee.

here are the  coffee resolutions (written in 2017, updated in 2023)

* get a brass filter – madras style (got one from paati)
* get a frenchpress
 (got two, which i absolutely can not live without)
* get an aeropress (waited almost 2 years to get one and finally got an AP Go which i love so so dearly)
*get a pour over(the first ever “tool” i got was a plastic v60. also have a plastic kalita. podhum)
* get coffee from a new roastery every month (i wish 2017 me understood how much coffee i would be buying! ? ?)
* understand the science of brewing & flavor wheel (i wish 2017 me understood the depth of this sentence and how it would be a continual process instead of just a one-shot thing)
* read coffee books (got my kindle packed with some good stuff. reading to begin soon!) (ummm, well… i still have the books. the reading though)
* review coffee on the blog (this is one aspect of this post that iam glad i shifted focus from very early on in my journey with specialty coffee. i have always disliked the “review aspect” even with movies. what it is, is your opinion what you like and dont. so my blog is a collection of all the lovely coffees that i have tasted and the memories associated with those cups. nothing more. 

5 thoughts on “coffee & me

  1. Coffee is magic. Something close to beer. But in the opposing poles.

    I prefer a strong filter copy!
    But an instant would suffice if I have a lots of pages to write.

    Was obsessed with the idea of opening up a Coffee shop. Something in line with Premam Cake shop.

    The capital required to book a spot in the city has shocked be bitter.

    It’s really hard to get a decent cuppa in Chennai. That’s speaking about the regular shops.

    Hold of the Brits is yet to fade away. Expect t3a everywhere, not a decent coffee anywhere.

    If you know any particular spot (instead of your brew) where I could kick-start my day with the magic beans. That’d just be lovely!

  2. I agree. Its goddamn tea or cold coffee everywhere. The “Cappuccino” is so substandard and common.

    Contrary to its name, the Cha Bar made a decent cup. But they shut down years ago.
    HSB makes a mean cuppa but its the with-chicory&milk south Indian version.
    I am still on the look out for a good “coffee place”.
    We can mutually stay on the lookout!

  3. You know what’s worse? I am the only coffee drinker in a house of 5! 250g lasts me a month! Henceforth decided, I purchase and review, irrespective of finishing the pack up!

  4. When are you going to invite guide the new review?

    But, seriously. There’s a market for quality coffee places.

    Most don’t have the luxury or patience to make their own.

    And, the morning joggers need some caffeine!

    Want to discuss further!

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