Coffee I Miss in 2023



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i spent about a month without coffee – 30s, liver health and what not.
i spent a good chunk of my time thinking about coffee though. and this got me thinking about my favourite coffees that somehow i haven’t had in quite some time.

  1. Seethargundu from POABS : This biodynamic arabica was just splendid. So flavoural and yet light bodied. I used to get this on repeat until stocks lasted.
  1. Varadymullai : Another favourite. Sangria-ish that I just loved no matter the recipe. Juicy and so delicious
  1. Kelagur Heights Geisha : this was my first introduction with Beachville and I am very very bummed this coffee is no longer available. Very tea-like. Light. And works so beautifully when iced.

If anyone had leads on these coffees that iam missing, please do let me know. Will send across some good coffee juju your way ????