Cafés in Chennai | Halt, Anna Nagar

Halt is an extremely popular spot in Anna Nagar. What started off as a Cart/Kiosk by Rohit Balaji and Neeraj Venkatesan, now stands as one of the most happening places in Anna Nagar. 

It’s a tiny space that doesn’t allow seating, has four employees three of whom make the coffee. The coffees come from a mysterious bottle of decoction and the whole array of Monin’s. They use an espresso machine for the wand – to froth up the milk.

Have I been sounding uppity? Stick with me just a little bit more. I dint go to halt expecting specialty miracles. I knew what I was getting into. I knew the experience probably wouldn’t match the hype the place has been receiving. But I took Amma with me for a quick cup.

Coffee and tea starts from 15-25rs to the most expensive cup being less than 150rs. So it’s atleast an average of 100-150rs lesser than most cafés that sell you the late and works. Also, Monin helps.  So score one. You don’t get seating which I believe is also good because the kids would never leave, they already don’t 😀

The crowd is always there. From 3PM to 12PM, the space is packed with Gen Z and the beyond.
This speaks to the success of two entrepreneurs who made something out of a cafe system that’s exists in every corner of Madras.

More than a cafe, Halt fascinates me from a psychological stand point. How social media and a few carefully edited reels can make or break a business these days.

Halt works for the same reason my grandmother preferred Joy Allukas over other jewellers. There’s something magical about the space. Makes you feel nice, young and refreshed. These boys have found a magical spot and when they open up more branches I hope they name it Halt from Anna Nagar 🙂

The coffee is good enough. The crowd is very young and I will most certainly and whole heartedly endorse Halt.

In an era of false advertising, know-it-all baristas who still ending up serving you bad coffee, Halt delivers what they promise- creamy, flavourful hot and cold coffee. 
I will most certainly “halt” from time to time because Halt has tapped into what truly works in the times of Gen Alpha wanting to spend pocket-money – Flavourful no nonsense Coffee, Popular on Social Media and a very competitive Price Point.

Halt is in Anna Nagar. If you aren’t the purist who will stop at Sri Vari opposite Ayyappan Temple for that 70-30 filter kaapi, then continue down the same street and right next to Giri and Co you will be blocked by swarming Alphas looking to get the perfect selfie and you have arrived at your destination 🙂

EDIT : Halt now had a sit down cafe in 6th Avenue, Anna Nagar. An abandoned building converted into a cafe with a lot more bites and expanded coffee menu!

P37, 6th Ave, P Block, Anna Nagar, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600040


image source : halt’s Instagram page