be there for you…

the world is a very scary place right now.
the pandemic has become part of our life. so much that there is neither fear nor caution now.
there is so much death and destruction. and the virus is not the only one to blame.
there is this undercurrent of deep rooted anxiety, anger and helplessness that is slowly consuming all of us.
the news, if it were that, doesnt help.
everyone is at a loss here. to each their own. but this year has spared no one.
it may seem easy to put up posts about coffee, talk about cuddling my doggo, while reporting live from the middle of a thunderstorm. it may even seem frivolous and impractical.
dont i care? i do.
i care about me.
cuz at the end of the day, no one takes care of you but you.
unless you are physically or mentally hurting someone, do what makes you happy. spend 5 mins every hour looking up coffee, saree, babies and doggos on instagram.
spend an hour on twitter every night catching up on news and the comments on the news. laugh at hashtags that trend nationally with spelling mistakes.
cook up a storm. start a new venture. take that course. or dont.
2020 is not about coming out with a side hustle or being productive.
2020 is about survival.
this year is about knowing what you want and digging your roots deep enough, so the winds don’t blow you down.
this year is about spreading joy and being there for whom ever you can.
because the first of january may be a new day but it may just be the same day. 2020 doesnt have an expiry date.

be there for your family.
be there for your community (the non-caste, we are all humans bound by a common love for something-kind)
be there for your friends.
be there for you.

calm is your superpower.
kindness is your superpower.
you is your superpower.