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information in this blog:

this blog is part fiction and part not. any information provided on recipes, food, movie review, travel & related reviews, my plants and animals are fact and to be considered as my individual opinion which i am entitled to. any other post is by virtue to be considered as fiction and resemblence/reference to any person, thing or being (alive or dead) is purely coincidental (could also be that you are hallucinating, get thyself checked)

images in this blog:

the images used in this blog are part mine and part not.  pictures of recipes, food, travel &related review, my plants and animals are taken by me. any other image is probably from google images. i will reference the images as much as i can but if i have used your picture without permission, please email me and i will take it down.

what can you copy from this blog?

really? you were actually expecting something profound here?
NOTHING! You cant take no nothing from my blog. whether its my words or my images.

since i am also spice and everything nice, you can link back, track back, share my content as long as you link back/credit me. be nice!

do comment:

say something if you have to. i am a big girl and i take it. but this is my blog and i intend to keep it as clean as possible. so keep that in mind when you comment.

i am awesome!!

since we are at the disclaimers page and all, i thought i should let you know.