about the ponnu

hello, i am madras ponnu. 

(tamil : a girl from madras)

medical researcher is my primary tag, but i am also the atavistic, succulent-mama, doggy-ear-scratcher, book-devourer, list-crazy, semi-OCD, critic-of-everything.
i categorically dislike using capitals even at the start of the sentence and where grammar mandates. yellow and black are my favorite colors. i staunchly believe chocolate and/or coffee is the solution to all problems. i am carnivore and love experimenting with food. fluent in english, tamil, sarcasm.
this blog is just my way of casting memories onto the world akin the penseive of hogwarts, cuz if i dont, my mind just might explode.
so technically thats what this blog is, explosion of my brain farts onto words;coupled with hashtags and other SEO paraphernalia (cuz survival)

say a kind word, or dont. i like fighting dirty.