5 important tips for the best impression in your job interview

recruitment is part of the my job description and i undertake it with gusto atleast once a year. but there are several things about the interviewees that make me wanna hit my head against the wall.

to be honest, i wanted to title this “don’t you have common sense?!” but iam being kind, so pay attention.

1. have a professional sounding email address

how hard is it for you to have an email address that’s not coolprincess1985 or sweetiesangi1209?! rockerboyz tops the list!please have something half decent so you considered seriously from the moment our eyes land on your resume

2. don’t try to sound cool

we don’t expect you to call us sir or ma’am but when you are in conversation with an interviewer (virtually, telephonically or in person), say “yes”
what is this “yeah yeah” habit?!!!
interviewer : asks question
interviewee : yeah yeah / cool I will await your email.
did you know some people answer “k” in real life?!!!! which species do you guys belong to!
say thank you and hang up DO NOT – for the love of god – say BUHBYE

3. know atleast the name of the company you are applying to.

once, i was a young graduate sending multiple job applications in a day too. so i understand and get it if you don’t remember exactly which company is calling you back.
I don’t expect you to be OCD like me and have a tracker listing your applications nor do I expect you to have a sheldon cooper memory.
but the least you can do it ask me nicely.
“Pardon me, I dint quite catch your name/company name?”
don’t have an entire conversation with me and then ask “hello which company you are”

4. have ready made answers

I refrain from asking “tell me about yourself” because that’s too cliche, I know what I need from your resume and i test your communication skills without filler questions.
however, there will be questions directed at things that aren’t obvious in your resume.
when asked “why are you seeking a job in clinical research?”
don’t just say iam interested in research. if you really were, then you would at the very least know what clinical research is.
don’t say just seeking any job as a fresher. show some intent!
and the worst? do not say – I don’t know I just applied.
you’d think i’m making this up, but i really am not.

5. learn to present your gaps

gaps during education or between jobs are natural. but learn to explain it well
when you say “I got married and so I dint work for 2 years” it’s honest but it doesn’t put you across a person on whom the company can rely on to be with them for atleast a few years.
try saying “I wanted to take a break a post my wedding to fully settle into my new life. I deemed it unfair to take up a job then when I couldn’t have put in my fullest efforts. Now I am confident in my domestic roles that have not only honed my time management, multitasking and people skills; I know I have the requisites to focus on my career”

don’t say “for two years I don’t get any job” – makes us wonder why companies dint pick you or if you never put in the required effort.
try saying “though I have been looking out for job opportunities for the past two years, nothing seemed a right fit. iam excited about this job because of X, Y and I believe I could be a good fit because I have A, B skills”

job interviews are more about your skills and qualifications but don’t strike yourself out over just a telephonic call by making these very common mistakes.

oh also, be polite. the employer is not god but you are the one seeking the job – it costs you nothing to be polite. you will be surprised but being polite is the very least that is expected of you.

say whaaatttt, I know right? so bizarre. okay cool. K Bye. ?